Thank you for your interest in this revolutionary Hair Growth System.  Widely used worldwide with incredible results today in male baldness clinics, medical centers, by dermatologists, laser centers, children’s centers and more!

Sisel Intensified Hair Growth System

This unique combo system delivers 2 distinct products in one.  State-of-the-Art Laser with massaging brush to deliver your clients an incredible, backed by science, approach to re-growing their own hair!  You get satisfied happy clients and repeat income stream business!


HLN is a topical treatment ointment, based on science and non-toxic. Offering very persuasive support for regrowth of hair follicles and achieving the look of beautiful thick hair, long, thicker looking eyelashes, full eyebrows, and luxurious fingernails; increasing, intensifying, and improving your natural beauty.

This product is also used worldwide in high-end Day Spas, Spa/Salon’s, Retreats, Spa Vacation Resorts, clinics, medical and health facilities and more.

Look forward to speaking with you more in the near future on how you can deliver this State-of-the-Art solution to your customers today and generating a new income stream!

Complimentary hair product lines also available in commercial bundles.

You can also download our new catalog: TFH Sisel Catalog