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Sisel KAFFÉ’S Quest for Perfection in our BEAN SELECTION!


Sisel KAFFÉ uses only the highest-quality coffee bean: the premium panama boquete gesha. This ‘world-famous’ coffee bean is grown in the right blend of environmental factors such as sun, soil, altitude and water.


Every bean used in Sisel KAFFÉ is hand-picked because the cherries can often ripen at different rates. Picking by hand rather than machine takes more time but it also guarantees the beans will not be green and bitter.


The cherries are bathed and slightly fermented in water for up to 72 hours before being separated from the inner bean. The green beans are then sun dried for up to three weeks in preparation for blending.


Sisel KAFFÉ blends various batches of beans from prime locations in Panama. This special blending technique guarantees a consistent taste and aroma for coffee lovers cup after cup.


The dried and blended beans are then expertly roasted by using the right balance of time and temperature. The roasting phase is when the green coffee bean turns brown and black.


Once the beans are perfectly roasted, they are then ‘micro’ grounded to reveal Sisel KAFFÉ’s smooth taste. It’s during the grind process the coffee’s body and aroma come together in a harmonious blend.

Coffees available in convenient boxes for micro instant (Many varieties such as: Black, Mocha, Latte, Weight-loss, Teas coming soon!) packages for Individual packets, Ground or KCup – (individual cup).

Commercial reseller bulk packages available also.

Great for ‘on-the-go’ single packets for travel or your purse, wallet, office, etc.

Those who have experienced Sisel KAFFÉ agree that when it comes to coffee, no other brand matches it in aroma, flavor, and health benefits. From our smooth traditional black roast to our luxurious latté, Sisel KAFFÉ has a blend to satisfy each of your unique cravings.

Available in convenient boxes, individual cups or packages for both coffee and tea.

Great for on-the-go single packets for your purse, wallet, office, etc.

(Commercial reseller packages available)